Who could be the father of the child?  This is a question that triggers many sensitive and controversial personal issues amongst people concerned Frisor Varberg 150x150.  Unlike that of a woman, the biological relationship of a man to a child is, at times, subject to scepticism. More people would opt to conduct a paternity test privately and rely upon the result to settle matters regarding true fatherhood issues – once and for all.


Choosing the paternity test

Today’s paternity testing is easy and readily available via online process.  It can be done in private and an individual can remain anonymous, if he wishes to.  The number of tests conducted have increased in recent years and based on statistics gathered, about 13 percent of those tested were not the biological father of the child.


Facts about paternity test

A paternity test is carried out using the latest DNA technology.   A DNA sample is taken from the child and the alleged father, who has made the request for the test, to find out if he is the real biological father of the child.  Although the latest tools in paternity testing does style1 150x150not necessarily have to involve both parents, by having both the mother and the alleged father perform the tests will likely produce an accurate positive result.  On the other hand, if the father that was tested is not the real one, the negative result will show a 100 percent certainty, even if the mother is not tested.


The only exceptions are in very rare situations where DNA mutation has occurred.

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Doing the tests in confidence — right in your home

When you place an order online, the testing kit package will be in your mailbox at home within a few days.  The kit includes a step-by-step instruction manual on how to proceed.  The package usually includes two pieces of cotton swab-like sticks and two protected envelopes for each person to be tested. It is advisable that each person uses two test sticks to ensure a correct result.  Paternity testing is totally painless, that it can also be performed on infants.  The test is absolutely private and confidential.  You have the choice to do the test with or without the permission of the mother.  You can even choose to remain unknown to the testing lab or use a fictitious name when submitting samples.


The ease of the procedure

To perform the test, the swab is rotated and scraped back and forth against the inside of your cheek for about thirty seconds to collect frisör varberg 150x150saliva.  Eating and smoking should be avoided at least thirty minutes before taking your saliva sample.  After scraping, air-dry them for about thirty minutes.  Make sure they are free from touching as well as contamination by any other elements in the environment.  When it has dried, they are placed in one of the protected envelopes and sent back to the testing lab as soon as possible.  The test normally takes about two weeks for the release of the result, depending on where they did the analysis.


Dealing with paternity issues

Questions about fatherhood can be an extremely sensitive matter.  Before proceeding to a test, you should be aware of the emotional consequence if the result is not in your favour. There are also other aspects of paternity issues that may follow, such as the legal and social side of the matter. It would be best to give it some thoughts and prepare yourself on how to deal with the problem, especially if you find that the child is not yours.

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